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Brian Den Beste, OD, FAAO


Dr. Brian Den Beste opened the first Laser Vision Correction facility in Orlando in April of 1996! In fact, it was one of the very first LASIK centers in the entire country. His first company purchased Visx laser # 64 and a few years later purchased Alcon laser #1. Brian has assisted on over 40,000 LASIK procedures and has helped train over 30 surgeons to use three different excimer laser systems. He has helped several companies obtain FDA approval for both laser applications and keratome approval. 

Den Beste was raised in a small town in Iowa. He completed his undergraduate studies at Northwestern College and graduated with honors from the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago in 1980. He then completed a one-year residency in ocular disease at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. 

After one year in private practice, Brian was recruited to Miami as a staff optometrist at the prestigious Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, University of Miami department of Ophthalmology. Four and a half years later (1987) he and his family moved to Orlando and began a practice limited to consultation in ocular disease and laser vision correction.

Den Beste has provided optometric education, including externships and fellowships since 1983 in both Miami and Orlando.

His lecturing experience includes over 100 presentations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Holland, Denmark and Australia. He was on the admittance committee for the American Academy of Optometry, 1989-1992. Appointed by the Governor in 1986, he chaired Florida’s 1st formulary committee. He is a consultant to the Florida state board of optometry and the Florida Department of Health since 1983. During his extended tenure he has completely changed both the format and content of the state board exam for optometric licensure. 

In 1988, he was voted Florida’s Optometrist of the Year and in 1999 he was nominated for Florida’s optometrist of the decade. Den Beste has authored numerous papers and has served on the review board of several journals. He continues to serve on the adjunct clinical faculty for several universities and colleges…including his favorite, Indiana University!








Work History 1981-1982: Private Practice – Des Moines, IA  1982-1987: Staff O.D. @ University of Miami, Basom Palmer Eye Institute 1987-1989: Staff O.D. @ Eye Institute of Central Florida 1989-1996: President Eye Foundation, Orlando 1996-2007: President LaserVue, Orlando 1999-Present: President of Lasik Pro, P.A., Orlando

CONTINUING EDUCATION LECTURE EXPERIENCE  2024 -Jan: Prevention of Medical Errors. EyeMed Orlando - May: Your Best Case, CFSOP Orlando 2023 -Jan: Prevention of Medical Errors. EyeMed Orlando 2022 - Jan: Prevention of Medical Errors. EyeMed Orlando 2021 - Jan: Prevention of Medical Errors. EyeMed Orlando - May: Your Best Covid Case, Orlando 2020 -April: Your Best Case, NeuroOphthalmic Cases Can be a Pain. St. Pete,Fl. 2019 - Jan: How To Mend a Broken Cornea EYEmed Prevention of Medical Errors - May: Your Best Case . CFSOP 2018 -Jan: How To Mend a Broken Cornea Trinidad Optometric Society Refractive Surgery Update -Mar: How to Mend a Broken Cornea SECO Refractive Surgery Update SECO Medical Errors SECO -May: Refractive Sx CFSOP, Orlando - July: Neurophthalmic Emergencies, Vision Source, Orlando 2017 -May: Update Surgical pre and postop Care - Oct: Prevent medical errors, Orlando 2016 - April: Refractive surgery update. 30 Cheers for 30 Yrs. Gainesville 30 Cheers for 30 Years and Medical Yrs. Miami, Fl - June: Your Best Case Key West Florida 2015 July: Medical Errors, FOA, West Palm Beach Oct: Medical Errors, EyeMed, Orlando 2014: -March: Co-Management Conundrums. SECO , Atlanta General Assembly - April: Medical Errors, 30 Cheers for 30 Yrs. Nebraska Optometric conv. - July: Medical Errors, Florida Optometric conv. Boca Raton 2013 - Oct-June: “ 30 cheers for 30 Yrs. “ Dolphin Hotel . Indiana Eye Associates - Oct: Medical Errors. NEFOS . Jacksonville. Oct. 2012 - Sept: Pre and Post Perils for Modern Cataract Surgery, Orlando -Oct: Clinical Grand Rounds - Anterior Segment EyeMed Orlando - Clinical  Grand Rounds Posterior Segment EyeMed Orlando 2011 - Jan: Medical Errors, Uveitis Update. NE Conferences. 2010 - Sept: EyeMed, Clinical Grand Rounds Neuro/Retina Clinical Grand Rounds: Anterior Segment/Glaucoma 2009 - Oct: Jacksonville NEFOS. Your Best Case, Medical Errors -Mar: Medical Errors. 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New Eye Technology    2001 - November: Central Florida Optometric Society, Orlando, Florida. Corneal Curveballs    2000 - May: Florida Academy of Optometry. Mission Inn. Lasik complications - September: New Jersey Optometric State Convention, Your Best Case, Symposia of Ant. Segment Disease    1999 - February: Southern Council of Optometry, Atlanta. Punctual Plug/Dry eye workshop - April: Florida Academy of Optometry, Mission Inn, How to be right on every red eye - July: Florida Optometric Assoc., Palm Beach, Florida, Interesting Cases/Anterior Segment   - August: SouthSeas Plantation, How to be right on every red eye, Lasik complications update    1998 - March: International Academy/Sydney, Australia – How to be right on  every red eye See Island Ophthalmic meeting. St. Thomas Virgin Islands. 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How to be Right on Every Red Eye.    1997 - January: Texas State Optometric Association – How to treat every red eye - February: Texas Optometric Association – Aids Update - March: Florida Optometric Association – Glaucoma Grand Rounds Topography, Telemedicine - April: Iowa Optometric Association – Glaucoma Grand Rounds   - May: Arizona Optometric Association – PRK   - June: Indiana Optometric Association – Stump the stars, PRK Ft. Myers Optometric Society – Telemedicine Orlando – International Society of Refractive Surgeons. “Comanagement”   - September: Eyemed-Orlando. Laser Vision Correction update. Baypt. Eye Meeting. Panama City. Laser Vision Update.    1996 - February: Southern School of Optometry/Laser Symposium PRK /PTK pre & post op care - May: Denmark International Academy of Optometry How to be Right on Every Red Eye - May: Dothan Alabama Practice Management - June: Amelia Island, Georgia Optometric Association Aids Update Treatable Retinal Disease/Workshop Optic Nerve evaluation   - August: Schering Eye Institute, Las Vegas, Stump the Stars   - November: Glendale Eye Association of California/Red Eye Update Glaucoma Update/Ocala, Florida - December: Stump the Stars/Peoria, Illinois American Academy of Optometry PRK Wet lab (in office) Clinical Grand Rounds Fluorescein Angiography demonstration    1995 - Tennessee Optometric Association Memphis - Georgia Optometric Association Athens PRK Post op Care - Southern Education Conference Atlanta - Michigan Eye Symposium Detroit - Fort Wayne Laser Meeting PRK Post op Care - California Ocular Disease Monterny    1994 - University California Berkeley, TPA Southern Council Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia - Vision Expo CoManagement Seminar, New York, NY - Eye Symposium, Jacksonville, Florida - Indiana Optometric State Convention, Indianapolis, Indiana - International Academy of Optometry, Amsterdam, Holland - TPA Course, Berkeley, California - American Academy, San Diego, California - New England College of Optometry, Boston, Massachusetts    1993 - Southern Council Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia. - Southwest Council of Optometry, Dallas, Texas. - Connecticut Therapeutic Certification Course, Meridian, Conn. - Glaucoma Symposium, Cocoa Beach, Florida - Florida Optometric Association, Orlando, Florida - Georgia State Optometric Association, Amelia Island, Georgia -Tennessee Optometric Association, Memphis, Tennessee -South Carolina Therapeutic Course, Columbia, South Carolina - Wisconsin State Optometric Association, Madison, Wisconsin    1992 - Oklahoma State Optometric Association, Tulsa, Oklahoma - Texas State Optometric Association, Dallas Texas - Vision Expo, New York - Sun coast Symposium, Brevard County, Florida - Glaucoma Symposium, Dothan, Alabama - American Academy of Optometry, Stratford-on-Avon, Great Britain - American Public Health Association Florida Chapter, Winter Haven - Bay Shore Optometric Seminar, Orlando, Florida -Southern College of Optometry, Memphis, Tennessee - Southern Eye Institute, Vero Beach, Florida - American Academy of Optometry, Laser Workshop - Florida Optometric Convention, Fall Seminar, Lake Buena Vista, Florida    1991 - Southern Council of Optometry, Atlanta - Washington State Convention - Iowa State Convention - Kentucky State Convention - Didactic Grand Rounds (monthly Orlando) - Florida Eye Symposium - Vision Expo, Anaheim    1990 - Eye Ski Seminar, Breckenridge Southern Council of Optometry, Atlanta - Oklahoma Optometric Association, Tulsa - Vision Expo, New York City - Oklahoma Optometric Academy, Oklahoma City - Vision Expo, Anaheim - Texas Association of Optometry, Dallas - Laser Symposium, Orlando - Didactic Grand Rounds, (monthly Orlando)    1989 - Southern Council of Optometry, Atlanta -Eye Ski Seminar, Breckenridge, Colorado - Vision Expo, Anaheim - ADA National Convention, New York - Florida State Review Course: Boca Raton, Tallahassee, Ft. 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General Assembly lecture – “Pupils, External Motility” “Pre and Post Operative Care – IOL’s”   - North Central Optometric Congress, Minneapolis, MN “Viral Eye Disease” “Chronic Conjunctivitis” “Optic Nerve Disease” Gold Coast Retreat, Fort Lauderdale, Florida “Ocular Emergencies” “Diagnosis and Management of Uveitis” “Viral Eye Disease” “Clinical Grand Rounds”    1986 - American Academy of Optometry, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, “Viral Eye Disease”   - Tennessee Optometric Association, Memphis, Tennessee “Viral Eye and Contact Lens Related Ocular Disease”   - Southwest Florida Optometric Society, Fort Myers, Florida “Viral Eye Disease” “Pre and Post Operative Care – IOL’s”: “Anterior and Posterior Uveitis” Division of Blind Services Low Vision Provider Workshop Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, Florida “Ocular Disease in the Low Vision Patient” Oklahoma Chapter – American Academy of Optometry “Diagnosis and Management of Anterior Segment  Disease” (12 hour seminar)  - North Central Optometric Congress, Minneapolis, MN “Viral Eye Disease and Aids” “Chronic Conjunctivitis” “AIDS, A Review and Guide for Infection Control” 1985 - First Year Ophthalmology Residency Bascom Palmer Eye Institute “Refraction”   - Gold Coast Retreat, Fort Lauderdale, Florida “The Blurred Disc” “The Anomalous Disc”    - Southern Council of Optometry, Atlanta, Georgia “Cataract Surgery, IOL’s and Post Operative Care”    1984 - Gold Coast Retreat, Fort Lauderdale, Florida  - “Epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis” “Pre and Post Operative Care of Patients with Cataracts”  - Iowa Optometric Association – Ocular Disease Conference “Viral Eye Disease”“Anterior and Posterior Uveitis”   - Southern Council of Optometry, Atlanta, Georgia “Anterior and Posterior Uveitis”    1983 - Clinical Workshop. VA Hospital, Miami, Florida    1982 - Second Annual Optometric Educational Seminar - Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, Florida “Anterior and Posterior Uveitis” Optometric Conference, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute “Diagnosis and Management of Ocular Hypertension” “An overview of External Ocular Disease”    1981-1982 - Mid-Iowa Optometric Study Group “External Ocular Disease

EXPERIENCE AND COMMITTEES    2021-2023: Expert consultant. State of Florida dept of health (Abbason and Assoc) 2017-2023: AOA new technology committee 2014- present: Diplomate American Board of Optometry 1982-Present: Department of Professional Regulations/ Dept. of Health Consultant and Author of Florida State Board of Optometry Exam. Annual examiner and test author. 1999-Present: President of Lasik Pro.  1996-2007: LaserVue: President and founder of 1 st laser refractive center in Orlando.  1988-Present: Preceptor for Externship program with Indiana Univ. and Nova Southeastern 1999-2006: Preceptor for 1 yr. post grad fellowship in Ocular Disease and Refractive Surgery. 1997-1999: AAO Corporate Support Committee Industry Relations Committee – American Academy of Optometry Florida Department of Labor – Workers Compensation Committee Florida Public Health Association – President Eye Care Section Visx Speakers Bureau 1996: Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security  Physician’s Advisory Council 1995-2003: Alcon pharmacological Advisory Board 1993: Disciplinary monitor, Dept. of Professional Regulations. 1993-2000: Medical Board Member- Coalition for the Homeless 1993: Appointment – Clinical Expert Review Panel: AOA Clinical Practice Guideline on Cataracts. 1991-present Consensus panel on diabetes, June 1991. Panel sanctioned by the American Optometric Association to create a complete synopsis on Management of the diabetic patient to be distributed to all AOA members. 1991-1992: Education Committee – Southern Council of Optometry 1993-1997: Established accredited Residency in Ocular Disease and laser vision correction with University of Alabama in Birmingham 1990-1991: President, Central Florida Optometric Society. 1990-present American Diabetes Association, member 1989-2007: President, The Eye Foundation, Orlando, Florida. Practice limited to diagnosis and management of ocular disease. 1986-1988: Clinical Director – Eye Institute of Central Florida 1988-2000: American Journal of Optometry, Referee 1987-1992: American Academy of Optometry, Admittance Committee Education Chairman, Florida 1986-1991: 1st Formulary Committee Chairman, Florida legislative Appointment to determine diagnostic and therapeutic Pharmaceuticals for practicing optometrists. 1985-1987: Assistant Coordinator of Optometric Services, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute (12 Staff O.D.’s) 1985-Present: Fellow in the American Academy of Optometry 1983-1993: Southern Journal of Optometry, Referee. 1982-1987: University of Miami School of Medicine, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute Optometrist. 1981-1982: Optometric Associates of Warren County, P.C. Iowa, Private Practice 1980-1981: Residency in Family Practice, UAB. Services rendered at the School of Optometry, Family Practice Medical Center, V.A. Hospital – Birmingham, Diabetes Research Hospital, Partlow Mental Hospital – Tuscaloosa, School of Deaf – Telladega, Neo-Natal Clinic Birmingham. 1980 Hines V.A. Hospital, Chicago, Illinois. Six week internship – Blind Rehabilitation Center.

PUBLICATIONS   2013: “Can You Nail the Diagnosis? “Review of Optometry. Oct issue      2009: “Comanaging Refractive Surgery, “Optometric Management, Nov issue 1997: “Recurring Herpes Simplex Keratitis,” Review of Optometry   1995: “Glaucoma Treatment,” Dec 1995 Optometry Today   1987: “How to Manage Blepharitis,” Review of Optometry 1986: “AIDS, A Review and Guide for Infection Control,” 1979: “Choroidal Tear,” Optometric Monthly, December 1979

AWARDS  2024: Florida’s Optometrist of the Decade. 2022: Newsweek: America’s Best Eye Doctors: #114 2022: Nominated: “Lifetime Achievement Award, Florida” 2000: Nominated: “Florida’s Optometrist of the Decade”   1996: Prevent Blindness Visionary Award- 1 st award ever presented in Florida   1988: Florida’s Optometrist of the Year            Outstanding CFOS Member   1980: Graduate with honors, ICO   1980: Outstanding Young Men in America   1979: Beta Sigma Kappa Honor Fraternity

EDUCATION  1982-1987: University of Miami. Bascom Palmer Eye Inst. Staff Optometrist   1980-1981: University of Alabama at Birmingham, Residency in Family Practice Optometry.   1976-1980: Illinois College of Optometry.   1973-1976: Northwestern College (Orange City, Iowa) Biology major.

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